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Online and Offline Vietnamese Classes

The easiest way to learn is to enjoy the process


About us


Mai Ngọc Trâm started teaching Northern dialect Vietnamese to expats in Hà Nội in 2016 and quickly found the work to be a joyful experience. Over time she developed a unique style and her own personal material. Using a meticulously constructed curriculum that remains new and interesting, she carefully refreshes learned vocabulary periodically. Her curriculum keeps you learning quickly without forgetting the material you have already studied. 

Now she wants to bring her love of the language to more people and Easy Peasy Vietnamesy is growing fast. New teachers, both northern and southern, and new students bringing new experience and new stories to the company. We are excited to bring Trâm's innovative courses to more people than ever before. Whether you are looking to make it easier for your company to conduct business in Vietnam, improve communication with friends and family or you want to learn more about the unique culture of Vietnam then we have the perfect course for you. 

We have online self study courses that mirror the beginner's section of our curriculum. These courses are fully online curriculums that explain everything in detail. They are not gimmicks or "apps" and will give you a genuine and in depth understanding of the language. Students of EPV get a free students account and can request this using the "contact us" form at the bottom of this page. 

Take a look at our free media, we have a lots of podcasts suitable for any level of student to practice their Listening, blog posts  with audio and English translation for people who wish to practice their reading, and even some videos we use as quick reviews for our lessons. 

Or you could join our small but growing group community on Facebook. We're very supportive and regularly post free material for people to use. We would also be happy to answer any questions that people have about the amazing language that is Vietnamese, or the best way to learn it. 

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How It Works

How It Works

What to expect in a lesson

Tutoring Options

We focus on conversational communication, pronunciation and aim to get you talking quickly and easily. 

Our experienced teachers will provide a fun and interesting journey through the Vietnamese language.

One-on-One Lessons
Group lessons
Online and offline available

One-on-one lessons

From $15 for a trainee teacher up to $30 USD for experienced teachers

Discounts available

upon booking a lesson package

Levels of Teaching




and Advanced

A free consultation is available.
We can discuss why you want to learn,
the best course for you and organise what times would be suitable for a lesson.

Group lessons:
2-3 students
$17 USD each
3+ students
$15 USD each

If you want a certification in Vietnamese we  have arrangements with the VNU Hà Nội university of Social science and humanities for northern Vietnamese, or the Mekong university and VNU HCMC university of Social science and humanities for southern Vietnamese. If you want a certificate in Vietnamese please let us know before you start a course as some of the material will be different. 


What do our students think of the curriculum?

"I wanted to say thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher, you made living in Hanoi so much more fun as I could communicate and it was just the best!! You were so patient and great to talk to, I hope you keep teaching for a long time because you're so good at it...

...I kept using Vietnamese after I moved back to the UK, as a support worker, now I'm working for a charity and some of the people we help are also Vietnamese!"

~Hannah Mitchell

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