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  • Where are you located?
    Our center is located in Hanoi Vietnam. Online lessons are available for anyone, in person lessons are available for anyone living in Hanoi.
  • Who do you teach?
    Our teachers have experience with students of all ages and abilities. We teach children who want to learn about their family culture and history, and we teach embassy staff living in Vietnam. Whatever your reasons for learning our professional Vietnamese tutors can help you achieve your goals.
  • Are you accepting new students?
    Yes! We have plenty of tutors available for lessons, and we have a comprehensive training program to train up new tutors if we need to.
  • How much does a one-on-one course cost?
    One-on-one lessons cost $25 an hour. If you want to buy a lesson package you can get discounts based on how many lessons you buy at a time. We can tailor these to your needs, so feel free to send us an email asking what we can do for you personally. For comparison, if you buy a 10 lesson one-on-one package we can give you a price of $225, which is a discount of $25. If you want to buy a full course the discount can be larger.
  • How much does a group course cost?
    Group lessons get discounts based on the number of students in class. Online groups larger than 3-4 students are not recommended. Online classes that have at least two students will cost $15 per student. Larger groups should get in touch to see what sort of package would be best suited to you, if there is a large group of students it may be best to have several different classes rather than trying to teach everyone in one large class. Offline group lessons are much more effective, and groups of up to 10 students should be fine. Groups with at least 2 students will cost $20 per student, with larger discounts for larger groups.
  • Your website mentions a northern dialect. How many dialects are there?
    There are many Vietnamese dialects with two that are most commonly spoken, northern and southern. We have tutors available to teach both northern and southern Vietnamese.
  • Which dialect should I learn?
    Northern dialect Vietnamese is the official dialect of Vietnam. It is the most commonly understood dialect and should be suitable for any businesses that want to do business in the country. If you are learning Vietnamese for personal reasons and wish to learn a different dialect of interest then we can discuss which dialect would be more suitable for your needs. If you are going to be living in Vietnam this depends on where you are going to live. Most foreigners living in Vietnam live in and around Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city. For those intending to live near Hanoi then you should learn the Northern dialect. If you are going to be living near Ho Chi Minh then you should learn the southern dialect. There are also regional dialects which can be found throughout the country and the most common of these can be found closer to Hoi An or Hue. Regional dialects can contain words or pronunciation not commonly found in northern or southern Vietnamese which may make it difficult for you to communicate in other areas of the country, so we would still recommend that you choose to learn one of the two most common dialects and adapt to local dialects as you do. With a good understanding of the language this should be a simple task.
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