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Offline Vietnamese language tutoring service in Hanoi

Mai Ngoc Tram (梅玉簪) 于 2016 年开始向居住在河内市的外国人士教授越南北方方言,并很快就发现这项工作是一种快乐的体验。随着时间的推移,她形成了一种独特的风格和她自己的材料。采用精心研发的课程,保持新鲜有趣的内容,她定期仔细地更新教材的词汇。她的课程让您快速学习,而不会忘记您已经学习过的材料。

现在,她想将她对语言的热爱传递给更多人,而 Easy Peasy Vietnamesy 正在迅速地发展。新的教师和学生给公司带来了新的体验和故事。我们很高兴地将 Tram 的创新课程带给比以往更多的人。无论您是想让自己的公司更顺利地在越南开展业务,或者想改善与朋友和家人的沟通,还是想更多地了解越南的独特文化,我们都能为您提供完美的课程。


One-on-one lessons:

From $15 per hour for a trainee teacher

up to $30 per hour USD for

experienced teachers

Discounts available

upon booking a lesson package

Students who sign up to a tutoring course will also get free access to our online beginners courses so you can self study online for free.

All students get a free EPV textbook and can access our free listening material available on the website and YouTube.

Discounts are available for students who book longer courses, students who sign up to 10 hours or more can get classes for $21 per hour.

Certification in Vietnamese is available through our partnerships with several universities, such as the VNU Hà Nội university of Social science and humanities. If you want a certification in Vietnamese please let us know before you start a course as some of the material will be different.

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